A Chapter on Man’s Acceptance of Crafts

Chapter on the Purpose of a Kingdom

Know, that the purpose behind establishing a kingdom is to ensure that people abide by the divine faith and to prevent it from being effaced due to people failing to adhere to its tenets. Were it not for the presence of a sovereign, the majority of people would fail to submit themselves to the laws and statuettes of divine faith, nor would they discharge its obligations, follow its sunnah, refrain from all that it has prohibited, or follow its directives and proscriptions.

Know, that the ultimate objective behind the establishment and continuation of the faith is to secure the betterment of both this world and the hereafter. Whenever one fails to adhere to this faith, both worlds fall into disarray and the wisdom inherent in both is invalidated. However, divine governance and sacred providence have willed to never abandon these two realms causing them to deteriorate for it is this very governance and providence that has necessitated the two realm’s presence, existence, orderliness, completion and perfection; for every form that comes into being is already in the thought and knowledge of the craftsmen.

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