Thaqaafat Fatemiyah

  • The Beard

    A group of individuals approached Maulana AliAS to solicit some worldly favours on the pretext that they were his followers. After giving them a long and sustained gaze, Maulana AliAS said, “I do not see upon you any trace of what you all claim to be.” Then he described for them the traits of his true followers,characteristics which were all but missing from them. Continue Reading

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  • Clothing

    We share many attributes with other creatures, but clothing ourselves is distinct to us. There is a social, moral, cultural and spiritual dimension to human clothing.

    Expounding the prime reason for clothing, Allah Ta´ala states in the Quran:

    ayat Continue Reading

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  • Thaqaafat Fatemiyah

    “What’s in a name!” goes the quote. However, every Mumin certainly knowsthat names and the ceremony preceding the Chatti Rasam (naming ceremony) bear profound effect on the overall life of the person named. Continue Reading

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  • Thaqaafat Fatemiyah

    Language is an integral element of cultural identity. On one hand, language reflects the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and mannerism of the culture it is associated with. While, on the other hand, it impacts them too. Culture sans language cannot exist. It is rightly said that humans learn culture through language.

    Values and beliefs crystallize through terminologies used in a language. Hence, the developers of any language need to have comprehensive knowledge of the culture before they coin a word or a terminology. Continue Reading

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  • Thaqaafat Fatemiyah

    The Arabic word thaqaafat translated as culture is derived from the word thaqqafa meaning to straighten an object or to instruct, educate or discipline a person. The word thaqqafa was also for straightening a spear to give it a perfect form. A spear when perfect in shape is more likely to reach its target. Metaphorically, a person who has the right thaqaafat will reach his destination. Continue Reading

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