• Labbaik ya Dai al-Allah

    Moulana Imam Husain’s AS zikr is perennial. Though the shahadat occurred fourteen centuries ago, it was known since the beginning of time. Each prophet had visited Karbala, mourned Imam Husain SA and cursed his slayer. Maulana Ali AS, while returning from the battle of Siffeen, stopped at Karbala and mourned Imam Husain SA. Maulana Ali SA pointed out the place where Imam Husain AS would be martyred. A man who was present there buried a bone to mark that spot. After Imam Husain´s SA shahadat, he went to Karabala and saw that Imam Husain´s jism  mubarak  was lying at the very place where he had buried the bone. Continue Reading

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  • Hifz al-Quran al-Kareem

    Each prophet brought with him a distinct miracle that reflected the challenges of his time and helped establish the superiority of his faith over all other. At a time when magic was the high occupation of the people, Musa NabiAS showed the miracle of his staff, which devoured their phantasmagorical snakes and made the magicians submit that what Nabi Musa’sASrevealed was not magic but the power of Allah Ta´laa. Continue Reading

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  • Cleanliness

    The Government of India has made cleanliness one of its top priorities.  Slogans and captions encouraging citizens to maintain cleanliness feature prominently in the media and on billboards across towns and cities. A question that springs to mind is that why is cleanliness an issue in some nations though not in others? The answer lies in education. Physical cleanliness is connected with the state of mind and self-image which are shaped to a large extent by the right kind of education. Physical or bodily cleanliness on its own is meaningless. It should be a reflection of inner purity and by the same token it should lead to inner purity and piety. Continue Reading

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  • Infocus

    A year has passed since Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA  left us for his heavenly abode, yet Moula RA  is very much with us, amongst us. For years he bestowed barakaat on Mumineen and fulfilled their desires; today he continues to do so manifold times. One recalls the words of Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA in his elegy for Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin RA: “The one, who in spite of being confined to the physical body, could possess such qualities;  how greater is he upon release from physical confinements.” Continue Reading

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  • A Year On…

    In a few weeks the month of Rabi al-Awwal will dawn upon us. The wounds which have not yet healed will burst open; the moist eyes which have not yet dried will overflow; the hearts which are still coming to terms with the reality will once again refuse to believe it; the experiences which have not yet turned completely into memories will once again be re-lived through feelings and emotions. The month of Rabi al-Awwal will never be the same again. Continue Reading

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  • Munaajaat

    Prayer is the contemplation of life from the highest point of view. Prayer brings one close to Allah Ta´aala, the Creator of the universe. One of the most intimate forms of prayer in which a devotee engages in a personal dialogue with Allah is ‘munaajaat’. Verses of munaajaat composed by AwliyaullahAS, especially Amirul Mumineen Moulana AliSA and Moulana Imam Ali Zain al-AbideenSA are a powerful means of intercession for the fulfillment of desires.
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  • Eid

    True Eid is marked by the acceptance of deeds, forgiveness of sins and fulfillment of desires. Mumineen in the holy month of Shehre Ramadan fasted, prayed and performed all kinds of pious and noble deeds with one purpose-to witness on the eve of Eid the luminous countenance of our Maulaglowing with health and radiance.
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