• The Walk to Chehlum

    Chehlum marks the 40th day after the shahadat of Imam Husain AS thus coming on the 20th of the Islamic calendar’s second month of Safar. It is marked with great fervour especially by Shias and a growing tradition is the Arbaeen (fortieth) walk and has been among the largest pilgrimages on earth with close to 20 million people making the journey to Karbala during this time. Many of these pilgrims choose to make the 55 mile journey from Najaf to Karbala on foot and an increasing number of Mumineen have joined their Shia and Muslim brethren in making this trip in this way. Continue Reading

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  • Layaali Faazila

    As Sherullah al-Moazzam enters its second half we come under the benevolence and succour of the layaali faazila; 17th, 19th, 21st and of course, Laylat al-Qadr on the eve of the 23rd.

    These nights are of great significance with manifold divine reward for the those offer ´ibaadat during them. This significance and divine reward peak with the Quran’s promise of a night greater than a thousand months – one night alone that is superior to a lifetime spent in worship. Continue Reading

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  • Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Nairobi, Kenya

    It has been the tradition of the Du`aat Mutlaqeen to personally oversee the teaching and instruction of students who come to them in the search of it. Numerous instances of this are recorded in the historical tomes of the community – such as the epistles of the Du’aat and narratives such as Muntaza al-Akhbar.

    In Yemen for example, the third Da`i, Syedna Hatim RA, gave sermons and lectures in a cove on a mountainside ledge known as ‘Kahf al-Na`eem’ in Hutaib situated high in the mountains of Haraaz. Later, after the seat of the D`awat had moved to India, the Du`aat continued this tradition of personal instruction, even during times of persecution. For example, in Ahmedabad, an important historical center for the Bohras, these lectures would sometimes take place on rooftops or underground – away from the prying eyes of hostile rulers. Continue Reading

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  • A Hafiz in Every Home

    While performing nass on Maulana AliSA and appointing him his successor and the Imam after him, RasulullahSAW said, “I am leaving behind amongst you two precious things; so long as  you adhere to them you will never go astray: the book of Allah (Quran e majeed) and my  progeny. Both will never be separated.” Continue Reading

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  • Azheru an Nauha wal Aweel

    When Moulana Imam Husain SA was born, Allah Taʿala sent Jibraeel towards Rasulullah SAW offering him both tahniyat (felicitations) and taaziyat (condolences). When Jibraeel conveyed both together, Rasulullah SAW was bewildered. He questioned Jibraeel over the reason behind such an offering on such a glorious and happy occasion. Jibraeel asked RasulullahSAW to check the newborn’s neck; upon which RasulullahSAW found a red line running on its back. Continue Reading

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  • Al-Jame-al-Anwar

    When al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA expresses his intention to rebuild the resplendent al-Jame al-Anwar originally built by the 16th Imam Maulana al-Hakim be Amr Allah SA, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA was alongside him. Continue Reading

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  • The Noble Legacy

    Amirul Mumieen Maulana Ali SA stated: العلم وراثة كريمة , knowledge is a noble legacy. People associate wealth, property and other material possessions with the word, “wiraasat” (inheritance), because these are the things that can be earned by one and spent by another; the bane of inheritance. Continue Reading

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  • Mumbai

    If you happen to visit Mumbai these days, you will see a surprising sight, something no citizen of Mumbai would have dreamt of witnessing it. The area around Raudat Tahera is on the verge of being transformed in to one that is more befitting of its grandeur and sanctity. In the brief interlude between the pulling down of the downtrodden structures and the building of the grand new project under the aegis of SBUT, one sees vast tracts of flat and open lands. When was the last time did Bhendi Bazar ever appear like this? A century ago? Possibly even more. Continue Reading

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  • Home

    Never before has the shadow of terror been so thick, dark and encompassing as we see it today. Places deemed to have been impregnable suddenly appear to be vulnerable. There seems to be no end to this mayhem and anarchy. Hundreds perish with a horrifying regularity. Where does one go? No place is safe for man but his own ‘home’.

    A mumin is likened to a honey bee, which with the wahye (divine guidance) of Allah Ta´ala sucks nectar from various flowers and produces honey which contains shifaa’ for people. Continue Reading

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  • Wilaadat of Imam HusainAS

    When Maulana Imam Husain SA was born, Allah Ta´ala sent Jibraeel towards Rasul-ullah SAW offering him tahniyat (felicitations) and also taaziyat (condolences). When Jibraeel conveyed both together, RasulullahSAW was bewildered. He asked Jibraeel to explain the meaning of this strange paradox on such a glorious and happy occasion. Jibraeel asked RasulullahSAW to inspect the newborn’s neck. When RasulullahSAW examined the neck of Imam HusainSA, he found a red line etched on the back. Continue Reading

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