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  • Maulana Ja’far al TayyarSA – II

    In the 8th year of Hijri, the battle of Mutah took place in which Maulana Ja´far al-Tayyaar SA was martyred. Rasulullah SAW made him the commander-in-chief of his army when he sent him on campaign against the Eastern Roman Empire. He indicated clearly that if Maulana Ja´far were slain then Zaid bin Haaretha would succeed him as the commander, and if anything were to happen to him then Abdullah bin Rawaahah would lead. Rasulullah SAW went to see off Ja´far bin Abi Talib SA and his companions on their expedition. Continue Reading

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  • Maulana Ja’far al-Tayyar SA

    For seven years, Islam was practiced by only three people: Rasulullah SA, Maulatona Khadija SA, the first to answer his call towards Islam and Amirul Mumineen Maulana Ali SA the first among males to embrace Islam. One day, Maulana Abu Talib SA, along with his son Ja’far al-Tayyar passed by them as they were praying namaz in Makkah. He instructed his son to join Rasulullah SA. Thus, he was the third to accept Islam. Maulana Ja’far al Tayyar SA was the elder brother of Maulana Ali SA. He was preceded by two more brothers elder to him, Aqeel and Talib. Each brother was older than his sibling by ten years. Continue Reading

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  • Huzaifa al-YamaanRA

    Huzaifa al-YamaanRA

    RasulullahSA has stated, “My companions are like stars whoever you follow you will be guided to the right path.” One such companion who always guided the faithful towards the right path: Maulana AliSA was Huzaifa al-YamaanRA.  Known for his knowledge, his counsel was often sought in difficult times and matters.He had the privilege to behold Dahyat al-Kalbi in whose form Jibra’eel used to appear before RasulullahSA. Continue Reading

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  • Abdullah bin Mas’oodRA

    When Rasulullah SAW initially called towards Islam, a handful of people embraced the faith. Abdullah bin Mas´ood RA was amongst those few. He was one of the five companions of the Nabi SA who were distinctively knows as the Shi´ah (followers) of Maulana Ali SA even during the era of RasulullahSAW. He would call them so and openly recount their virtues.

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  • Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari RA

    Among all the companions of Rasulullah SA, Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansaari stands out for his reaching a great age. From being a trusted companion of the Prophet to the trust worthy carrier of his message to his great-great grandson, Jabir traversed a span of time that few others did.

    He was blessed with the benevolence of Rasulullah SA who brought both his sons back to life after one had slaughtered the other in play and then used the knife on his self. He witnessed a number of miracles performed by Moulana Ali SA; one of them being that of the noor that emanated from Moulana Ali’s SA finger in which Jabir travelled from Kufa to Medina twice. Continue Reading

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  • Moulana Miqdad bin al-Aswad RA

    Maulana Miqdad RA was among the earliest to answer the dawat of Rasulullah SA and embrace Islam. He fought in the battles of Badr and Ohod and was known for his courage and austerity. He was one of the four for whom RasulullahSA said, “Jannat yearns for four: Ali, Salman, Miqdad and Ammar.” Continue Reading

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  • Maulana Ammar bin Yasir RA

    “O my Lord! You are aware that if I knew that your happiness was in my falling down from my mount and breaking my neck; then I would do so. If I knew that your happiness was in my lighting a fire and throwing myself into it; then I would do so. If I knew that your happiness was in flinging myself into the river and perishing; then I would do so. O Lord! I am not fighting the people of Shaam but for the sake of your happiness and I hope that you will not disappoint me given that I am seeking your happiness.” Continue Reading

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  • Maulana AbizerRA

    During the battle of Tabook, some people started deserting RasulullahSA. Whenever a man left, RasulullahSA would say to his followers, “Let him be; if there is any good in him he will join us, otherwise Allah has relieved you of him.” As they marched further, one of his companions lagged behind because his camel was not able to keep pace. The companion had hauled all his belongings onto his back and was trudging along alone. Sometime later when RasulullahSA stopped, he was informed about the man trailing alone on the path. Continue Reading

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  • Moulana Salman Al-FarisiRA

    As the name suggests Moulana Salman al-FarisiRA hailed from Faris (Persia) and was born into a Zoroastrian family.

    His parents were landowners and once, whilst passing through his father’s lands Moulana SalmanRA chanced upon a monastery and was enthralled by the lofty virtues of the Christian monks. He thought to himself that their faith is superior to mine and started spending more time with them .His father was displeased with his leaning towards Christianity and a series of events followed. Continue Reading

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