• The Island of monkeys

    There was a city on an island on top of a mountain. The land was fertile; the climate pleasant; the water sweet, and there were trees and with fruits together with several species  of animals.

    All the people on this island were related to one another, all being the descendants of a single ancestor. Their life was peaceful and pleasant because it was ruled by love, compassion and friendliness. There was no envy, deceit enmity or wickedness, among them. Continue Reading

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  • The Cleaner in the Perfume Bazaar

    It is related that there was once a lowly cleaner who wandered into a bazaar where perfumes were bought and sold. Assailed by all the beautiful aromas, he promptly fell in a dead faint and remained unconscious for a long while. People thought that he had died. Continue Reading

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  • A Wise Doctor

    It is said that long ago there was a learned man who was well versed in the science of medicine. He once happened to pass through a town where he noticed all the inhabitants suffering from a subtle illness of which they were completely unaware. They could not sense their ailment. The wise man contemplated how best to cure them. He realized that if he simply informed them that they were ill, they would scoff at him and reject his assistance. Perhaps they would even come to despise him, surely they would not take his advice, indeed they might ridicule him thereby undermining his knowledge. He was, however, determined to cure them due to his extreme concern for his fellow human beings and his kindness and regard for humanity. Continue Reading

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  • The Fish

    Know that one who is devoted solely to the appetites and pleasures of the world, and is unable to discern between good things and those which only appear to be good, shunning the path of righteousness and success in the hereafter in pursuit of worldly pleasures, almost certainly his fate will be as what befell this man: Continue Reading

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  • The Crows and the Falcon

    The crows had a king from amongst themselves. He was kind and generous towards them. But, when the king died, the crows quarreled and differed with regard to who would be their king after him. They envied each other and feared that hostility would erupt amongst them. Thus, some of them suggested to the others ?Come let us use our independent opinions and gather the scholars and the virtuous among us. We shall call a meeting for consultation and deliberation to find one who is best suited to become our king.” Continue Reading

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