• Behlul and the Needle

    Behlul was amongst the as-haab of Imam Ja´far us Sadiq AS. He was a very wise man yet he lived amongst the people as though he were a simpleton. One day, a caravan prepared to set out from Medina Munawarrah. They were headed for China with the intention to go there and acquire knowledge. Continue Reading

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  • The courage of the King

    There was once a great king who was approached by a hermit. “O mighty one’, he said, ‘I have here a staff and a beautiful glass chalice which is worth your entire kingdom. Do you wish to buy them from me? Continue Reading

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  • Seerat

    Kitab al-Majaalis wa al-Musayeraat is a chronicle written by al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Qadi al- Noman RA in which he recorded everyday events that occurred in the court of Imam Moiz le Dinillah AS. In its introduction, he states that narratives of previous Aimmat TahereenAS have been passed down by those who lived amongst them. Because of their efforts, he states, we have received the barakat of Aimmat TahereenAS. In order to continue this tradition, SyednaRA collected the daily occurrences of Moiz Imam’sAS court so that future generations may avail from that barakat. Continue Reading

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  • The Frail and the Blind

    It happened once that two men met up in the jungle and started a journey together. One amongst them was weak and thus unable to even carry his belongings. The other was blind but was strong but had no encumbrances or luggage. During the journey the weak man held on to the hand of the blind man and the blind man shouldered the burdens of the frail man.

    In this manner, by helping each other they successfully completed their journey and reached their destination. They did not even make one feel obliged to the other, as it was only with a joint effort and support that they were able to achieve their objective and avoid disaster. Continue Reading

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  • The Justice of Allah Ta´ala

    One day a Nabi passed a stream. He performed wudu’ in the stream and ascended a nearby hill to pray namaaz. He saw that a man mounted on horseback approached the stream and drank from it. The man then turned around and left, but forgot a bag full of dirhams. Continue Reading

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  • Mugha and Khushak

     Two men met on the road whilst traveling. One of them was Mugha from Kirmaan, and the other was Khushak from Isfahan.

    Mugha was well equipped to travel – he had a mule, supplies, and was very comfortable, whilst Khushak was walking and in despair. Continue Reading

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  • The Perceptive Pigeon

    There was once a hunter who spread out his nets in the jungle to capture wild pigeons. He camouflaged them well and laid a trap by spreading plenty of seed over them. A flock of extremely hungry pigeons flew over the area. Seeing the seeds they were greatly tempted to swoop down and start feasting.

    Amongst them there was a wise and perceptive pigeon who observed that there were a great many seeds lying together in this manner, and this seemed suspicious. Surely there was a sinister reason behind this. The pigeon cautioned all the others against landing there. All the birds were too hungry to pay heed to him and they all went down together. The wise one went along with everyone. Continue Reading

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  • The Three Friends

    There was once a man who had three friends. The first he loved most dearly and was with him day and night. He gave his all for this friend and would even lay down his life for him if need be.

    The second friend he had, he loved him too, but not as much as the first. Yet he paid his respects to this friend and extended every effort to ensure that he attained his happiness and approval and always tried to act according to his wishes. Continue Reading

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  • Four Bricks of Gold

    Eesa NabiSA travelled constantly during his life. During one of his journeys he came across a man who asked if he could accompany him on his travels. NabiSA agreed and they set forth. Walking along they had many conversations and got to know one another. After travelling for a distance, both became hungry and tired. Eesa NabiSA instructed his companion to go to a particular town and proceed to the house of a man whom Nabiullah knew to be good and decent. “Ask him for four rotis” he said, “four rotis will be enough to satisfy our hunger.”
    Continue Reading

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  • A Matter of Perspective.

    There was once a kind and just King, he had an immense empire, and was benevolent to his subjects. He was astute in handling matters of his kingdom and known for his greatness and glory. His palace was famous for its grandeur. Unfortunately he was completely unaware of matters of the hereafter. He paid obeisance instead to idols and followed a pagan religion. Continue Reading

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