Aimat Tahereen

  • Imam Abdullah al Mahdi BillahSA

    Imam Abdullah al Mahdi Billah SA is the eleventh Imam after his father, Imam Husain al Zaki SA. His kuniyat is “Abi Mohammed,” the father of Mohammed.

    Imam Husain al Zaki SA hailed the zuhoor of Imam al Mahdi SA and persevered to lay the foundations of his dawat even as he prepared to found the zahiri mamlakat (kingdom) of Aimmat Tahereen SA. After the passing away of his father, Imam al Mahdi SA set forth on a journey to the West from whence he launched a campaign to conquer the region of North Africa from al Maghreb to Egypt and establish the Fatemi kingdom. Continue Reading

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  • Imam Husain al ZakiSA

    Imam Husain al Zaki SA, the tenth Imam, succeeded his father Imam Ahmed bin Abdullah SA to hail and prepare for the advent of his son, Al Mahdi SA.

    The Abbasid plotters were afraid of the strength of the dawat, and of the rightful Imam challenging their seat of power. They determined to seek out his identity and location in order to destroy him, but failed to succeed, for neither the name nor the description of the Imam SA were disclosed to anyone except the most faithful of followers. While remaining in seclusion, the Imam continued his work. Continue Reading

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  • Imam Ahmed ul MasturSA

    Imam Ahmed ul Mastur SA is the son of Imam Abdullah bin Imam Mohammed SA. He is the ninth Imam in the line of succession.

    The second Imam of the Aimmat Mastureen SA, Imam Ahmed SA maintained seclusion. He resided in Silmiyah, from where he dispatched his Duat to the corners of the world to spread the word of his dawat, without revealing his name and location. Disguised as a tradesman, the Imam would travel from city to city. At the hands of his Duat, his dawat spread and stretched far and wide. Continue Reading

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  • Imam AbdullahSA

    Imam Abdullah SA is the son of Imam Mohammed bin Imam Ismail SA, and the eighth Imam in the line of succession. He is the first of the Aimmat Mastureen SA (the three Imam in seclusion). He is called “Al Radi”, and his kuniyat is “Abu Ali” (father of Ali).

    Imam Abdullah SA resided in Nahawand after the passing away of his father Imam Mohammed bin Ismail SA The Abbasids were constantly on the hunt for him. When the hunt came agonizingly close, the Imam left the city and went into seclusion. He appointed his son Ali Al Lais, (Ali the Lion), to conduct matters of state. Continue Reading

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  • Imam IsmailSA

    Allah commanded Rasulullah SAW to give the message that Ali ibn Abi Talib SA is the wali of Allah, the warrior of Islam, and the rightful successor and wasi of Mohammed SAW. Rasulullah SAW performed nass on Ali ibn Abi Talib SA and declared him Amir ul Mumineen. He in turn performed nass on his son Imam Hasan SA. The Imamate was transferred from him to his brother, Imam HusainSA, and henceforth passed on from father to son. The seat of the Imamate is never empty. Continue Reading

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  • Imam J’afar us SadiqSA

    Imam Abu Abdullah J’afar bin Mohammed us Sadiq SA is the son and successor of Imam Mohammed ul Baqir SA, and the grandson of Imam Ali Zain ul Abedeen SA. The great-grandson of Imam Husain SA, he is descended from Amir ul Mumineen SA and Maulatuna Fatema SA, the daughter of Rasulullah SAW.

    Rasulullah SAW was known as “Al Sadiq” and “Al Amin” among the people of Mecca since childhood. Imam J’afar us Sadiq SA was known as “Al Sadiq”, the Truthsayer, and “Al Kamil”, he who is Complete. The ilm and hikmat that his forefathers possessed, that which had come from Rasulullah SAW, the messenger of Allah and harbinger of Islam and Shariat, was his esteemed inheritance. Continue Reading

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  • Imam Mohammed-ul-Baqir SA

    It was a few years after the 57th Hijri. In the streets of Medinah, walked slowly the last remaining Sahaabi (companion) of Rasulullah SAW. Having reached old age and not able to see any more, he was assisted by an escort. Foreseeing his longevity, Rasulullah SAW had entrusted him with a message, it was now time to deliver it. He was in search of the house of Imam Ali Zain-ul-Abedeen SA, when he heard a maid call out the name “Mohammed.” On enquiry, he discovered that the maid was indeed referring to Imam Mohammed-ul-Baqir SA, who at that time was an infant. Jabir-bin-Abdullah-Alansari entered the house and conveyed to Imam Mohammed-ul-Baqir SA Rasulullah’s SAW salaam and message instructing him to unearth knowledge. Continue Reading

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  • Imam Ali Zain ul AbedeenSA

    Imam Ali Zain ul AbedeenSA is the first born son of Imam HusainSA and Maulatuna Shere BanuAS. He is the third Imam in the line of succession after Imam HasanSA and Imam HusainSA. The grandson of Ameer ul Mumineen Ali ibne Abi TalibSA and Maulatuna FatemaSA, he is the great-grandson of RasulullahSA and Maulatuna KhadijaSA. The Lord of the lands of the East and West, Imam Ali Zainul AbedeenSA is born of the kings of both Arab and Ajam. Continue Reading

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